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AmeriAg Feed Bunk

AmeriAg Feed Bunk

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  • 4' Bunk - 25" Wide, Height 18", Weight 50 lbs
  • 10' Bunk - 33" Wide, Height 20", Weight 120 lbs

Bull Proof:  The wedge shape of the feed bunk prevents it from being turned over by all livestock, even mature bulls.  Less feed waste saves money.

Durable:  The AmeriAg feed bunk is a solid rotational molded one-piece design.  There is nothing to rust, rot, or break on the feeder.

Strength:  The AmeriAg feed bunk is double-walled.  This allows the feed bunk to withstand the weight of livestock if they step into the feeder.  The 10-foot bunk weighs 120 lbs.

Drain Holes:  Drain holes to allow water to drain from the feeder. These can be plugged to use a bunk as a water trough.

Economical:  Economically priced and will last over twice as long as metal-framed poly-lined bunks.

Rust Free:  No metal flaking or potential hardware disease from metal bunks or rusted nails and bolts from wooden bunks.

Portable:  Easy to move from pasture to pasture making them perfect for rotational grazing applications, unlike concrete bunks that are not easy to move.

Maintenance Free:  No liner to replace and no frame to repair.

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