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Chicken Range Coop

Chicken Ranger poultry coop

Chicken Ranger poultry coop

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Give your chickens the fresh pasture they need to thrive.

Our grazing pens are designed to be portable & lightweight. The low peak height can endure windy conditions. A roll-up handle on the tarp allows easy access to the inside of the coop.

Moving is done by simply raising the lift handle (approx. 40 lbs.) and pushing the coop to fresh pasture. As the handle is lifted the cable will push the wheels down and lift the other end off the ground.

Constructed of 2” tubing and 1x2” wire, all galvanized, this coop is built to last and take the abuse of wind and weather. The cover is 10 oz. vinyl material has a 10-year life expectancy.

Ships "knocked down" on a pallet. Assembly takes about 30 minutes.

3 sizes available

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