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Green Cover Seed

Wildlife - Fall Release Blend -Custom

Wildlife - Fall Release Blend -Custom

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The Fall Release blend is specifically designed to attract deer and produce early fall high-quality forage for whitetails and other critters while improving the soil’s health. It includes five legumes that reach peak palatability at different times including the most cold-hardy clover available to ensure there’s a growing legume during those late-season hunts. It also includes special varieties of oats, wheat, and cereal rye that differ in when they are the most attractive to deer as are the three brassicas in this blend. The buckwheat attracts deer from when it jumps out of the soil until it’s killed by cold temperatures. Fall Release attracts deer through the entire hunting season and provides quality forage into the spring so bucks have a great start to the antler growing cycle and does will be in excellent shape to nurture fawns!

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