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One-On-One Soil Training - DEPOSIT

One-On-One Soil Training - DEPOSIT

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Ready to view your most valuable asset differently?

The soil is alive!

Look at the soil thru new eyes and grasp why conventional farming is detrimental to healthy soil. Soil samples are only a snapshot of soil components. In reality, there is so much more going on below our feet.

With the one-on-one training, you get to see why Regenerative Agriculture is exploding in popularity and practice all over the world. Farmers are returning to working with the soil. Nature is more efficient at growing food and pest control than fertilizers and chemicals and I can show you why.

When you register for this course you can expect 3 hours of a combination of field and classroom instruction. We'll engage in hands-on activities, and in-the-field exercises, plus I'll provide you with great resources to continue the lifelong learning process. Total cost is $300. A $50 reservation fee is required upon registration. The balance will be due the day of the one-on-one course. 

    Karen Scalf and the rest of the team at KHFarms bring years of Agricultural, Biological, and Ag. Engineering experience to help design sustainable farms including yours.  Our passions include soil health, cattle rotation, cover crop, introducing animals, animal husbandry, and other topics.

    Once your $50 deposit has been received you will be sent a personal email to determine the time(s) and details of your course. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please email

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