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Southeast Agriseeds

Rejuvenate 2,4,6,8 Cool Season Perennial Mix

Rejuvenate 2,4,6,8 Cool Season Perennial Mix

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This interesting mixture is perfect for maintaining productive, diverse pastures or hayfields. At 20 lbs/ac, you will be seeding:

  • 2 lbs/ac of Renovation White Clover
  • 4 lbs/ac of Kenland Red Clover
  • 6 lbs/ac of Persist Orchardgrass
  • 8 lbs/ac of Cajun II Fescue

This mix can help reduce KY-31 toxin load, increase pasture productivity, and offers an excellent mixture for building pasture diversity and rejuvenating pastures each year. Seed Rate 15-20#/Acre

50# Bag

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